How i became a jeweller!

From the moment I could get my grubby hands into it I have been an artist. From pasta pictures to making helmets my life has been an artistic journey.
I was always creative and knew I wanted to make a living from it no matter how hard it is, I started out as a hairdresser thinking that would give me the outlet i desired and could go wild with peoples hair and show the world my talent however it was quickly realized that career wasn't the case. It was at this time I started going to music festivals and found my endless sea of inspiration. The music, decor, people! So many new and exciting things that didn't exist in the real world. 

One piece in particular however had captivated me and unbeknown at the time started me on my journey to become a jeweller. It was a feather necklace made by a lady under the name of Eye of Gaia, it was a bib of the most magnificent feathers id ever laid eyes on!

This inspired me to start making costumes for festivals, big feathery headpieces, wings, earrings, hairpins you name it. Anything to make you look wild and over the top! However capturing and showcasing the beauty of feathers big and small and with intricate detail. This had been a big success and I was loving it however I felt needed to broaden my horizons before I stagnated. I wanted to start incorporating metal details in to these outrageous costumes, this lead me to starting a basic jewellery course at NMIT. 

After 7 weeks I was in love! 

I dropped everything I had going on to start a full time Advanced Diploma in jewellery making & object design. With the inspiration of feathers, festivals and all things over the top my jewellery journey begun as an NMIT student, the pieces I produced were an obvious reflection of my love for the 'bush doof' scene and all things natural and enchanting. The piece that got most people talking was my final exhibition piece, a giant geometric helmet with horns and hand cut gems. Jewellery making became my Garden of Eden. It became my job, my hobby and my passion and now I get to spend my days doing what I love. 

Since finishing my course I have moved on to producing pieces with magnificent rough-cut stones capturing the beauty of the natural world. I am also in love with setting rough stones in organically shaped silver, this produces such a perfect harmony between the two materials and works so well together.

I am endlessly grateful that I get to do this as a career and thank everyone who has been apart of it, to those of you reading this and to anyone who has purchased from me!

Commissions welcome!

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